Thursday, November 23, 2006

Common sense is dead

If you have read today’s papers you will have realised for yourself the extent to which how, under this government, the country has lost all sense of common sense.

Firstly we read that heroin addicts are being given £15,000 of heroin a year on the NHS, yet cancer patients and Alzheimer’s sufferers are denied life enduring drugs. Does one assume that the government’s next initiative is to give alcoholics free whisky and obese people free MacDonald’s? Apparently the NHS heroin is an attempt to cut the amount of drug related crime. Well why doesn’t the government spend that money on compulsory drug rehabilitation for addicted convicted criminals? Surely that would be better use of the tax payers’ money and make for a better society in the longer term. Or is that too difficult for the authorities to deal with?

The papers are also dominated with the case of British Airways banning a Christian member of staff from visibly wearing a crucifix the size of a 5p piece. As I mentioned in a previous Blog entry, BA’s stance is outrageous and ought to be viewed as religious discrimination. I fully support everyone who is calling for a boycott of BA flights until they see sense and reverse their ridiculous PC policy.

And then there’s the case of a man who has over 32 convictions, known to be a potential rapist and murderer, yet is released into the public domain with an ASBO. Oh, but it wasn’t just any old ASBO, it was one of the most severe ever issued!!! Well that didn’t save the life of the lady he murdered just days after being released into the community did it. Surely the public deserves to be protected from such dangerous people and surely the authorities know that an ASBO will do nothing to deter such a violent person from committing crime. This is yet another example of a total loss of common sense from the authorities.

It all sounds quite depressing really, yet it just goes to prove that in the society created by this government, common sense never prevails. The decent law abiding people are increasingly becoming the victim of this government’s incompetence.