Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Geldof to work with Conservative Policy Group

I am delighted to hear that David Cameron has recruited Bob Geldof to work in consultation with a new Conservative Globalisation and Global Poverty policy Group.

This group is set up in recogniton that millions of Britons want prosperity for themselves AND progress for the poor, whether in the same community or on the other side of the world.

During the election in May I mentioned that righting off third world debt is not the whole answer to helping poor countries - we need to help them develop their own economies through wealth creation. This is an area that this policy group will be developing and David Cameron has recruited in the help of the experts. Bob Geldof has probably got a greater understanding of Global Poverty in African countries than anyone else in the UK, and his non-partisan support will be invaluable.

Today our local radio station asked me whether this was just a vote grabbing move - No it is not. Bob Gledof has been very damning of the Conservative Party in the past, but on the issue of Globalisation and Global Poverty he and the Conservatives want the same outcome, so it makes sense to work together.

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Education - Sex before Sums !!!!

It is only a matter of weeks since Blair published his much heralded Education White Paper - with the backing of the Conservatives. Now his own Party's MPs are revolting against him and so admissions and grant maintained status are ideas that are to be watered down.

This occurs at a time when Ofsted has reported that education standards in our schools have not increased in the last 8 years, despite increases in funding. A third of 11 year olds now leave primary school with a poor grasp of the three R's.

To make matters worse, linking this to last week’s revelation - children as young as 5 will be given compulsory sex education!!!!

So what we are hearing is that the government is not bold enough to push through changes to education that will teach infants to read and write, yet they want to make sure 5 year olds understand relationships and the basics of sex. To this government sex is more important than sums.

Now this really is a government that has it's priorities wrong. It is becoming so farcical that it is almost unbelievable.

But sadly - it is true.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

David Cameron to lead the country to Hope and Optimism

68% of voting members of the Conservative Party have elected David Cameron as our new leader, and I'm ecstatic about it.

As a Party we have shown we have moved on from our past; we are looking forward into the future and we are modern in our thinking.

We must all unite behind David and grow from strength to strength

What a great time for theConservatives: Cameron the King of the Party and Carol Thatcher Queen of the Jungle.

Growing, Growing, Gone

That's the message we recieved yesterday from Gordon Brown on the state of the British economy.

In March, voters were told the growth forecast was 3.5%, no thast figure is revised to just 1.75%, one of the lowest growth forecasts for a country's economy in the developed world. George Osbourne, our Shadow Chacellor, stopped short of saying the Chancellor had lies to the public. Shame - I believe Gordon Brown deliberatley lied and misled the public in the run up to the general election.

The reality of the situation is that in 1997 Britain's econmy was the fourth most competitive economy in the world. We are now 15th, and in terms of growth, we are rapidly descending, almost freefalling, to the bottom of the league. The Chancellor blames inflated oil prices. Why then, are the ecomonies of China, India, the US, and even Germany and France now forecasting greater growth then the UK? Proabably because they are investing in growth and output and controlling spending.

In February 2004 I wrote a News Release highlighting the fact that private sector growth was slower than public sector growth - in other words, as a country, our rate of spending was exceeding our growth in income. You don't need any qualification in economics to know that that is unsustainable.

So Mr Prudent inherited a surging economy in 1997 and year on year it has been squandered, despite massive tax increases.

Let's hope we have an election before four years time because by then the state of our economy will be at rock bottom, as it was the last time the Tories took over from Labour.