Thursday, June 01, 2006

Spend a billion to save a billion!!!!!!!!!!

The admission of management incompetence within the Department of Health has been revealed this week by the size of the Management Consultancy bill for advice on how to rectify the cash crisis the government has created.

Almost £1billion has been spent seeking advice on how to save money in the cash-strapped NHS. Now the government claims the NHS cash shortfall is £950m, so, allowing for rounding up, the government is spending a billion pounds to get advice on how to save a billion pounds. Is there any logic in their madness?

Locally we are picked up part of the bill, with the Countess of Chester being billed over £10,000 a day for advice on how to restructure its finances. How can the government justify such wasteful measures when paitent services are being cut and doctors and nurses are being sacked?

This is waste and incompetence to the extreme.

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