Friday, May 19, 2006

Blair's contradictions on crime.

After 9 years and 40 pieces of criminal justice legislation and umpteen promises that crime is being cut, Tony Blair last week admitted that the criminal justice system is actually failing the public.

So what does he do this week? He continues his commitment to scrap our local constabularies in favour of regional forces, with the potential loss of 25,000 policemen, replacing them with less qualified Community Safety Officers. Does he really think that this regionalisation will improve the public's faith in the criminal justice system and restore their confidence in the ability of the police to make their streets safer?

I know a week is said to be a long time in politics, but surely even the Prime Minister can see that he is now contradicting himself within a matter of days.

Chester Conservatives have always opposed the merger of Cheshire and Merseyside police forces as we know it will weaken and not strengthen local policing. Complete the Online Poll and let me know your views.

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