Friday, May 05, 2006

Best Local Election Result for Decades

FIVE new Conservative Councillors in Chester was the result of last night's local election. We won three seats from Labour:

  • Arthur Harada took the Labour stronghold of Lache Park.
  • Razia Daniels took Handbridge & St Mary's.
  • Jeremy Langdon took Elton.

and we took two seat off the Lib Dems:

  • Marigold Roy had a massive swing to take Newton St Michael's.
  • Jill Houlbrook took the Lib Dem stronghold of Upton Grange.

The City Council make up is now 26 Conservatives, 19 Lib Dem and 14 Labour and 1 Ind.
A massive well done to all our candidates and the whole team. This is the best result for decades and a result of hard work and campaigning positively on the issues that matter to residents.

Although we polled 49% of the vote and got more votes than Labour and Lib Dems combined, it is believed that Labour and Lib Dems still intend to continue with their Alliance. This just goes to show their utter contempt for democracy and total disregard for the opinions of the electorate. Only 22% of people in Chester voted Lib Dem, yet the power crazed Libs are insistent on running the Council.

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