Wednesday, October 18, 2006

BA is wrong

That's my view on BA's decision not to allow a member of staff, Nadia Eweida, to wear a crucifix that can be seen by the public. The Mrs Eweida is a strong Christian and wants to show that, in the same way as religious belief is shown by people who wear turbans, hijabs and religious bangles.

BA is mig-guided and even the Muslim Council of Britain supported Mrs Eweida's stance, describing it as an "expression of private religious belief".

I agree with Ann Widdecombe that the decision is "religious discrimination" and call for a boycott if it isn't reversed. Mrs Eweida plans to sue BA and I hope she wins her case.

Multi-faith means multi faith and there needs to be acceptance and tolerance of all faiths.

My real concern is that BA's action is causing great offence and is actually fuelling resentment and discrimination against members of other faiths, such as muslims, which it is setting out to avoid.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree Paul. we're getting fed up with us having to bend over backwards to encourage integration, yet tolerance seems to go only one way.