Sunday, October 08, 2006

Blair the Fraud

Last night's news headline was Tony Blair saying he would give our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan whatever equipment they needed. AND THAT WAS A HEADLINE STORY!!!!!!!!!

Does this mean that Blair admits our troops have not been given the equipment they have needed to-date? Is he admitting that he has sent our troops into war poorly-equipped?

The other thing this highlighted is what a fraud he is. Look at why he make this statement.

On Wednesday 4th October David Cameron said in his conference speech that our troops have told him they do not have the armoured personnel carriers or helicopters that they need. So on Saturday 7th October Tony Blair makes a big announcement that he will give the troops the armoured personnel carriers and helicopters that they need.

Well all I say is that this demonstrates why the Conservatives should not disclose any policy now, as Blair will copy it within days.

Also, well done Cameron for making Blair sit up and listen to the troops.

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