Friday, October 27, 2006

By-election Victory


If anyone needs proof that the people in Chester are saying it is time for a change, last night’s by-election result in Newton St Michael’s is it. Our candidate, Adrian Walmsley, ran a positive campaign, playing to people’s hopes and not their fears, and it paid off. The Conservatives are listening to what people want and we are delivering accordingly, which is what democratic government is meant to do. The Lib Dems put forward their highest profile person in the area, an area they have dominated for over 20 years, and then embarked on a very dirty negative campaign : Newton’s residents have clearly spoken about who, and what style of Party, they want to represent them, and that is the Conservative Party.

We gained five new Councillors in the May 2006 elections, one of which was Marigold Roy in Newton St Michael’s ward: Adrian’s success demonstrates that May was not a one–off and that Chester’s residents really are looking for Change. The Conservative Party is the only party that is offering not only change, but giving people and communities a sense of hope and optimism. Adrian and Marigold make a great team and I know they will make a real difference to Newton St Michael’s – an area that has been under-represented for too long. I will continue to work with them both to make sure that Newton’s residents also get the representation they deserve at a national level.

So to the people in Newton, I can simply say – the future’s bright, the future’s blue.


Anonymous said...

Indeed congratulations on your succession of the by election in Newton St Michael's. I would like to draw your attention to some statistics, according to the national statistics office, there are 3,541 people in Newton St Michael's ward of vote'able age. This only meaning a poor 34.94% turn out, which is well below the Countries average. I can therefore, only deduce one conclusion from this. The other voters, were obviously in the local enjoying the scenic views of Chester. Also, in the last election, it is noted that Adrian’s predecessor received the EXACT same number votes in the May Election, where as the Liberal Democrats have seen an increase of 101 voters. The future is not blue, its Yellow – But would be blue under a conservative government.

Paul Offer said...

In Response. Newton St Michael's ward was yellow for over 20 years, and in less than 6 months both council seats have gone blue - hardly fair therefore to say the future is yellow. This is one of the biggest trouncings the Lib Dems have had in Chester for decades.
Yes, Adrain received exactly the same number as votes as Marigold did - but don't forget that the Lib Dems were defending the seat after the resignation of one of their Councillors. Whichever way you look at it, the Lib Dems lost a seat, and in 6 months they have lost a entire ward to the Conservatives.