Saturday, October 07, 2006

Labour's state control

When I was canvassing today in Newton St Michael's, I had a really interesting conversation with a lady who highlighted the difference between Labour and the Conservatives.

She is a single mum who is working full time and has been made to feel like a criminal the way the government clawed back the amount they had over-paid her in tax credits. Not wanting to be beholden to the state, she is doing a HNC so that she can better her prospects for the future. She received no help whatsoever from the state towards the cost of the HNC and had to borrow the £800 course fees from her father. This is not an isolated case.

The Conservative Party is the party that believes in ambition and opportunity. Here is a lady who, under Labour, is not encouraged to be ambitious and certainly not given any opportunity. She has made me realise that if it is not Conservative Policy to provide people like her with free access to higher education, then it ought to be and I will raise the matter with our policy teams.

As for this person, and many others like her, I wish her luck and hope that she learns to realise that her beliefs and values are core Conservative values, not socialist values.


Anonymous said...

you shud employ a spell checker, or is it not tory policee?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you are to comment on somebody's spelling you should take note on the following.

You should employ a spell checker, or is it not Tory policy.