Wednesday, October 11, 2006

PC Madness

I was made aware of a conversation that a group in Chester had on Monday, which was about the type of Christmas cards that they should send. It was suggested that the words 'Seasons Greetings' should be used, or even no message at all, so that members of other faiths would not be offended. I, and most Chritians, find that suggestion offensive and it is UTTER NONSENSE.

I support us becoming a nation made up of multi faiths: that means we should learn to understand non-Christian faiths, but memebrs of those faiths must also learn to understand, and accept, the Christian faith.

I think we should welcome and encourage the celebration of festivals such as Eid and Diwali, and I personally send many Eid and Diwali cards to Muslims and Hindus. But we must also encourage the understanding and celebration of Christmas.

Playing to the obsessive political correctness brigade will only go to fuel resentment and do nothing to build a harmonised society.

My message is clear - Send Christmas cards that say Happy Christmas and welcome the receipt of cards celebrating other faiths.


Anonymous said...

I think the idea about sending cards is dated. Last year I did not send a card to anyone, simply emailed my friends and family and donated what I would of normaly spent to the local childrens hospital, that way everyone is happy and not upsetting any faiths. What joy to put a smile on an ill childs face at christmas!

Paul Offer said...

I think the comment about donations instead of cards is a great suggestion, and personally I would rather that than a 'non-offensive' card. Thank you for making the suggestion.